Emmy’s New Car seat


Well, the day has finally come! Emmy got a new car seat today at Wal-mart. We didn’t have a chance to put it in the car, but we got it all adjusted inside and she watched an episode of Sesame Street while sitting in it, munching on Cheerioes from her snack chair.


After Sesame Street was over, she used the chair as a climbing gym. Let’s just hope she’s as excited for it in the car as she is indoors!

3 thoughts on “Emmy’s New Car seat

  1. Dude, I am feeling the cousinly bond here! Our second carseat (Logan’s old one; soon to be Joshua’s new one) looks very similar. And it’s sitting in our living room, also. AND it is definitely Logan’s climbing gym.

    I bet she will love her new seat in the car, too! Cutie!

  2. Emmy is looking so big with her new carseat! You leave for just a few weeks and kids grow up on you!:) By the way, I really like the new design on your site and have really enjoyed all the recent posts. Thanks for the comment on our blog. We’re here in Indiana safe and sound, even though we’re not quite moved in yet. Hopefully, I’ll get up the energy to write a post of our own soon. Hope all is well for you guys!!

  3. Thanks, everybody! The latest is that she really enjoys the car seat and points at everything she can see out the windows, so her life in the car is much more fun. Thanks for the comments!

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