Emmy Knows Triangles

This weekend Emmy learned all about triangles from an episode of Sesame Street. We watched some parts of it many, many times, but mostly because I thought they were funny. As a result, she can now identify a triangle from a bunch of other shapes.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (the best part of the episode): James Blunt singing “My Triangle”, a parody of his song “You’re Beautiful”. Hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Emmy Knows Triangles

  1. I give all credit of Logan’s learning of shapes, colors, letters, and numbers to Sesame Street. :mrgreen:

    Way to go, Emmy! I am impressed that she knows triangles — that’s gonna go far in her trigonometry class. 😀

  2. Yeah, we’re just hoping that Sesame Street shows something on circles and squares before she gets to geometry, otherwise I don’t think she’ll have much of a chance. Seriously, though, Sesame Street is great, especially if you skip the half of the show devoted to Elmo’s World

  3. Yay for Sesame Street song parodies! I didn’t know they still did those. I remember the one about “Letter B” back in the day…
    I love Sesame Street!

  4. So I have come to find Elmo’s World not nearly as annoying as I once did. Those Mr. Noodles (and Miss Noodle) are pretty funny characters.

    Still not an Elmo fan, and would rather they just have the classic skits, but I like Elmo better than, say, Dora. (NOT a Dora fan here!)

  5. This is the best part about Sesame Street! I just saw it for the first time the other morning when i was getting ready for school and it made my whole day brighter!

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