Emmy is queen for the day

Usually in the morning Emmy likes to play in the bath while I do my makeup (this is Julia btw) but this morning she cried and cried when I tried to give her a bath.  So then I tried to put her clothes on and she didn’t want that either.  So I asked her what she wanted to do and this is what she picked.  First she crawled into our bedroom and tried to get on the bed.  At this point I at least managed to get a diaper on her.  After I got her up she then proceeded to point to various items she would like…her cup, her blanket, all of the pillows and her stacking boxes.  Then she pointed at the tv and remote until I turned on Sesame street.  She picked, of course, the triangle episode and every time they showed the triangle crown she would put the box on her head like a crown.  Once she had everything she needed she gave mom the “you can leave now” wave.  It was nice that I got a chance to get ready while she watched t.v. but it really reminded me who the boss of this family is.



2 thoughts on “Emmy is queen for the day

  1. Ahahahahaha!

    She is so funny — and so smart! I can’t believe how well she’s communicating … and how she knows exactly what she wants!

    She is gonna take the lead, I can tell, when Logan and Josh come to play. 🙂

  2. That is great! She is so cute in those pics. I really enjoy Sesame Street and, since we moved, Eldon and Lilly have been watching it a lot. The weather is too cold to go out. Anyway, I know that episode all too well. I’m glad Emmy is enjoying it too! Also, Aaron wanted me to say that the “Furry Happy Monsters” song is his favorite too!

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