Yearly Archives: 2007

Emmy and the Fireworks Show


Our neighbors invited us to see the fireworks display they put on for us before we hiked up a mountain to see the fireworks show in nearby White Rock. Emmy enjoyed her seat on Dad’s footrest, and likes the fireworks with pretty colors the best. Also, she likes staying up late – she didn’t get to bed until 11:30 that night!

Emmy and the Softball Game


We played in a softball game with our church on the Fourth of July. The girls were gracious enough to play with Emmy, who was excited for Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle Christian to all get hits!


Emmy and the Elephant


Emmy was once the proud owner of this Elephant, which was given to her by her Uncle Christian after he won it for her at Bumpers, an arcade we went to in Washington. Tragically, the elephant was too large to fit on our airplane home, so we had to return it for Oscar the Grouch. She loved the elephant very much and even nicknamed him Stampy. However, we believe that Emmy didn’t enjoy the elephant as much as Christian, who couldn’t stop smiling as people commented about it when we left the mall. It was about four feet tall, and he will be sorely missed.

Go Cougars!


Emmy likes baseball stuff. She went to the baseball game a couple of weeks ago, and even though the Cougars lost in the last inning she still enjoyed the game, because she got to wear her BYU stuff (and also her dad’s baseball cap). Grandma walked around the field wih her, and even though she was wearing BYU clothes at a UNM game, she still got plenty of smiles.

Baby Emmy is Cute

News flash: Emmy is cute.


She certainly enjoys her Tweety pajamas, and although she has been teething, she’s not screaming her head off 24/7. It’s more like 14/7, with the other ten being the hours that she’s asleep.

Baseball and a Promise for Pictures

Well, my super-busy life is about to get a little less busy after finals next week, so I’m promising some pictures to you before this time next week. We’re going to a BYU baseball game tonight at UNM so we’re pretty excited that Emmy will get to wear her pink BYU onesie to the game, as well as attending her first baseball game! It’s truly a life-changing event.

So look out, Lobos, we’re bringing Emmy to root for the Cougars!