Sorry about the lack of blogging…

My blogging effort has been often critized so I am again commiting myself to my blog. Sorry that I am not very good at remembering to do it all the time! Emmy is doing great! She is getting so big and is doing lots of fun tricks! It’s been really fun to see her get better at things becuase it makes her so happy! And a happy baby equals a happy mommy!

One of Emeline’s favorite new tricks is flipping over! She has been doing this one for awhile but she wasn’t very consistent! She would do it once and then forget how to do it and get really frustrated! So now she can do it everytime she tries and that makes her very very happy! She is also starting to hold herself up in the crawling posistion! That makes her really happy until she tries to crawl and collapses. She will try it a few times and then give up and scoot herself on her belly. She will get the hang of it though. She has her developmental check up on the 19th of this month so I’ve been trying to get her ready for that! One thing we’ve been working on is sitting up without being propped up. She does okay but then she gets excited and wiggles herself sideways!

We went to our friends’ house for dinner and they have two little boys. One is older than Emmy and one is younger! So we had Emmy try out a bunch of fun products over there. She loved all of them too! The first was a high chair and she thought it was pretty fun! The second was a sippy cup which she LOVED!! She thinks water is about the funniest thing in the world! In the tub, out of a faucet, in a cup…all crowd pleasers! Anyway, She always wants to drink out of my cup and she is done with bottles so the sippy cup is the perfect solution! And finally, her favorite thing of the night was the EXERSAUCER! Oh boy! For those of you who don’t know what that is…it’s similiar to a walker only stationary. It allows them to stand up and jump and it has a bunch of toys all around them on a tray! Anyway, Alex and I wanted to use my grandparents christmas money to buy her one but they are kind of expensive so we wanted to make sure she would like it and she does!! She loves it! So the Anderson’s let us borrow it until President’s Day when we can go to Albuquerque and get her one! I am so excited! I can put it by me while I cook and clean and she thinks that she is helping me! It is really fun! She’s such a cutie!

Anyway, we’ve been having fun finding things that entertain her! She is really on track which is great! She is also on the growth charts just barely! That means so far there haven’t been any problems since her birth! I look forward to a day when we don’t have to worry so much about her developmental check ups!