Emmy’s Three New Things

Emmy’s learning new things all the time, and with those new things she’s a lot more fun to play with every day. She’s communicating better, she’s playing better on her own, and she’s growing! Here are three specific things that she’s been doing more of lately, and they make her more fun every day. She loves to play on her mat of toys, especially if you attach different things to the large plastic hooks that hang above her head. As I type this he’s sucking on a plastic watch we got from Emmy’s Grandma Baker’s house over Christmas. She also loves playing with her frog and the lion that makes noise when you pull down on him. So without further ado, here are three new things that make being with Emmy better every day:

First, she has started to do blow raspberries, except she likes to get her tongue in there, too. She’ll even do it back to you (for all you previous nonbelievers, we now have it on video, so you have to believe us). If you do it to her, she’ll do it back, and when she does, she gets a huge grin on her face.

Second, she has started to ROLL OVER! It was just in the past couple of days that she’s started this. The first time she did it, she was on her back and then rolled over to her stomach, but we were lacking witnesses because she wanted to practice while mommy got the door. The second time was just yesterday, and we have that one on video as well. She rolls over from her stomach to her back on that one, so it’s not quite as difficult as the other way, but it’s still very good.

Her third new thing is that she doesn’t like to sleep through the night much more. I know this is sort of a step in the wrong direction, so how could I say that she gets cuter and more fun as she does it? I think you have to see little Emmy’s face when you rescue her from the crib to understand that one. This might be just because she’s getting a little sick (we’ve all had it, so it would be hard for her not to). Hopefully she feels all the way better soon, because we’ve really learned to appreciate when she does sleep through the night. Since we can appreciate that now, that means we’ve learned our lesson, right?

2 thoughts on “Emmy’s Three New Things

  1. EMMY!!! You couldn’t have just done that rolling-over thing when Aunt Beth was there to see you?!? Wahhh! *sigh* Well, okay; I guess I saw that you were practicing for it.

    I can’t believe how much she’s growing up! I hope her sleeping gets better soon (but if not, know that bad sleeping can be endured, if needed).

    Has she tried any rice cereal yet??

    Thanks for the new Emmy post, Julia!! I love it!

  2. It is so much fun when they accomplish those milestones, isn’t it?:) Good job Emmy!

    I’m sorry about the sleeping though. It seems like Eldon did the same thing. He went through waves of really good sleeping only to want to stay up ALL night during some periods (and I kept having to come up with new tricks to get him down because the old ones had lost their efficacy.) I don’t know why they do this!?!? In the “What to Expect” book it says that babies have a harder time sleeping when they become more aware of their environment and are able to do more things. It says that it’s like moving from a small town to NYC. Everything is so exciting, why waste time on sleep? I don’t know if this is the reason but I feel like getting and keeping a baby to sleep (at appropriate times) is one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood. Maybe it is because you are in a new apartment? In any case, GOOD LUCK!! and have fun with little Emmy!

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