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Emmy misses Grandma Layman, gets a new toy, and is looking cuter than ever!

Well my mom and Christian left yesterday so I’m starting to realize that I’m really a mom now. I know it sounds silly since Emmy is already a month, but yesterday was the first time that I’ve been the only one with her. She had the hospital staff for the first two weeks and then my family has been her since she got out. It was nice being able to take 20 minute showers while Christian played with Emmy or having my mom hold her while I made dinner! But I think Emmy and I are doing okay on our own during the day.

Emmy has been staying up more and more during the day. The nurses at Presbyterian would be so excited to see her up and moving around so much! She likes to lay on the bed and kick and squirm. She’s even turned herself around in her crib. She is still trying to turn over but it’s going to be a long time before she succeeds in that one. It is fun to watch her try though.

Emmy also likes her swing that we set up yesterday. Beth and Nathan (and Logan!) lent us their swing. Emmy even fits in it really well. A lot of her other stuff (i.e. crib, carseat) seem to dwarf her. She loves watching the swing mechanism move back and forth but she falls asleep after about 10 minutes in the seat.

Dr. Nichols told us that since she did so well this weekend without oxygen she doesn’t have to go back on it! So tomorrow I get to call the oxygen guys and they will come pick it up. YEAH! One of the women in the ward was telling me about how her daughter had pneumonia last year and had to be on oxygen too. Only her daughter was like 4 and so she was mobile and hooked up to a tank! Now that would be hard! Hopefully this will be Emeline’s last time on Oxygen.

Well Emmy is asleep right now so I think I’m going to take advantage of that and take a nap! More later!

Look Ma, No Oxygen tank!

Emmy had her one month check up on Friday! She weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces! We were really excited! She’s been gaining one ounce a day which is right on schedule. She’d also gained an inch! So now she is 20 inches. Everyone at church was saying that now she is the size of a newborn. Which is really true. I just keep thinking how will a normal sized newborn fit inside me next time! Emmy seems so big to me now it’s hard to imagine her being scrunched up inside a 5’2″ woman.

Emmy also got some great news at her appointment and that was that she no longer needs to be on oxygen. Her blood saturation has been better than mine and that doctor’s on a regular basis even! She’s been at 99% most of the time! So this last weekend we took off the oxygen and he sent us home with a small monitor to check her oxygen level while she was asleep. She never dropped below 93! Alex and I would take our own levels after each time we checked hers and it was always about 5% below hers. For those of you that have never seen a monitor like that it’s just a little thing you put on your finger and it shoots a light through and monitors the level of oxygen saturation of your blood. Emmy is so small you just put it on her whole hand.

This weekend was a four day weekend for Alex so he got to spend a lot of time with Emmy. He watched her on the bed while he did his homework so mom could run some errands on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday Alex blessed Emmy at church. She wore the same dress that I was blessed in so that was cute. The blessing went really well but Alex had to be to church early and he accidentally took off with my car keys. So when I went to get in the car I couldn’t and the car seat base was locked in it. So Emmy and I barely got there in time for the blessing! But it all worked out in the end. Alex did a great job and Emmy didn’t even cry during the whole thing. She did have a case of the hiccups but that is a pretty common occurrence. She always had them when I was pregnant with her and she has them just as much now.

After the blessing we had a lunch over at our house. All of the Bakers and Bill Brown came over and ate with us. We had sandwiches, oriental chicken salad, fruit and dip, and cinnamon rolls. Kath also brought a pasta salad and pumpkin pie for dessert. Alex was in heaven with cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie! Then we took a lot of pictures with Emmy in her little blessing dress.

For Labor Day we went and saw Ray and Laura’s new apartment. They had just painted and it looked really cool! Then Emmy and I went on a walk with my mom at the park across from their apartment while Alex helped them move in. Emmy really likes her car seat and stroller. She pretty much falls asleep instantly as soon as you put her in it.

Today Emmy has wanted to be held pretty much all day! She didn’t want to be in her bouncer chair, on the floor, or in her crib! Luckily Grandma Layman and Uncle Christian took turns holding her so that I could eat and do a few things today. Her dad held her most of the night once he got home! Well, that was pretty much the day! The main point is that Emmy is cutest!!

Emmy gains weight and Mommy loses some!

Emmy is still doing a lot of growing! We wont know how much weight she’s gained until Friday but she is definitely looking bigger. She even has about 5 outfits that fit her now! Even her newborn onesies were too big for her until a few days ago. She can also sit in her car seat and bouncy chair now without needing packed in with rolled up blankets.

Emmy is also trying to roll over already. She likes to be on her stomach too. She can lift her head up when she lays on her stomach. She’s really getting strong. She stays up for a lot longer each day and loves to play with everyone. Uncle Christian bought her a strawberry shortcake soft basketball so he shakes that for her and her plastic keys. She follows things with her eyes really well! Alex’s friend Bill bought her a mobile and she likes watching it go round and round. She even started crying today when it stopped and I couldn’t turn it back on right away.

I went to curves today with Julia Mason to check it out and sign up. I’m only 3 1/2 weeks postpartum so I was cheating a little bit on the 6 week rule. But I didn’t work out very hard so it should be fine. I was surprised to see how much water weight I’d already lost since Emmy was born but there is definitely plenty of weight to lose. I’m excited to keep losing weight. Only 2 more weeks and I can start really working out. I can even take Emmy with me and let her play (or more likely…sleep) in her car seat while I do the circuit. It will be a good outing for both of us so we don’t get cabin fever.

Alex started his classes at UNM and he’s doing really well so far. He’s been doing a great job keeping on top of his homework. He’s a little tired each morning but it hasn’t been too bad. Emmy is pretty consistent with when she eats during the night but Alex gets to change her diapers before she eats when I’m too tired to get out of bed. Then Alex just brings her to me. Christian showed me a funny episode of Spongebob that showed me what it would be like to take care of a baby and do the housework. (-; Anyway, Alex is doing really well with his schoolwork and his boss is really impressed with how quickly he’s been getting his projects done.

Well that’s pretty much been our week. I’m still getting used to doing my blog so it might be a little hit and miss with how often I write one…but I will get the hang of it!

I’m a big kid!

Emeline is three weeks old today and doing great! She had a doctor’s appointment today and she gained 12 ounces since last Friday!! That means she is now 6 lbs. 12 oz. The doctor was very excited and so was Emmy’s mom (me). I had been really worried that she wasn’t going to gain weight. She’s been eating a lot more though.

She is also taking half as much phenobarbital and will be done with it next Thursday. Hopefully that will end the oxygen also! We are really excited for her to come off of her oxygen. Not as excited as Emmy is though. One of her favorite things to do is rip it out of her nose or tear the tape off her cheeks. She is really getting strong!

Another exciting thing that happened today was that Emmy threw her first temper tantrum! She got really mad when Dr. Nichols put her on the scale and weighed her. She cried and screamed for a good five minutes afterward while he did his exam too. She cries a bit at night to wake us up to feed her but this was her first really loud angry cry! She wouldn’t stop until someone picked her up and got her dressed again. I was so proud! I know I shouldn’t be happy when my children cry but I’m glad that she’s working on her lung power!

In addition to being her three week celebration it is also her Uncle Christian’s bday so she will get her first taste of ice-cream cake (reprocessed through mom of course) (-: She is taking a nice long nap so she will have plenty of energy for the festivities ahead and I think I might just do the same!

Emmy is three weeks old!

Wow, my first time posting to my blog! I feel like such a computer nerd. Actually, I just feel like the wife of one!


Well, in a matter of hours Emeline is going to be three weeks old! That was fast! She’s been home for a week now also. She is doing great! Last time the visiting nurse came her oxygen saturation was 100% and she had gained an ounce. She’s now 6 lb. 1oz. and we are hoping that she’ll be 6 lb. 2 oz. at her doctors appt. tommorow. I took her in to see all of the staff at the women’s clinic and the children’s clinic and they were all happy to see how well she is doing. They all can’t believe what a miracle she is! My obstetrician keeps saying “I’m not a very religious person but I know that we weren’t alone with her.” She says that they were just doing the same thing again and again and then suddenly it just worked and Emmy got immediately pink and started breathing. They also got to see Alex, my dad, and the bishop give her a blessing so they thought that was pretty neat.

Anyway, she is only taking half the previous amount of pheobarbital each day (she decreased her dosage today) and she gets to stay off oxygen for part of every day. Hopefully she will be done taking both by next week. She is staying awake a lot more each day and she’s a lot more active! It’s very exciting to see her do all of the things that other babies do. She even wakes up and cries at night when she’s hungry! In the hospital we were worried becuase she had never cried but she’s getting louder each day! It’s still exciting each time she cries at night! I’m sure after a few more months I won’t be as excited about it each time! Well, I better get to sleep so that I can get up later tonight!

Cousin Logan says Hello!

I finally was able to watch a video clip of Emmy’s cousin Logan where he points to his cousin and says “Emmy”. He’s one silly kid! I guess Emmy is a lot easier to say than “Uncle Alex”, but come on…

Logan is Emmy’s only cousin, but he is silly enough for two or three. We’re excited to see him and his parents again (and to see Logan meet Emmy, because you know that is going to be good). We’ll make sure that Emmy sees more pictures of you, Logan! Emmy and Logan will have to wait until Christmastime to meet in person.

In the meantime, Emmy is doing great. Her oxygen levels are still high, and she should be off her oxygen within a week or so, which will make changing her, feeding her, and anything else we do with her a lot easier. She’s been a pretty good baby, and she’s definitely developing her cry a little more!