Last week was Halloween and Emmy had a blast! She got to dress up like a super cute red hot chili pepper! Not the Band but the veggie! She was so cute! Halloween day she wore a little sleeper that said “Baby’s first Boo-oo”. It was also adorable! She helped mommy make some banana bread and a chocolate ghost pie! But other than that Emmy wanted mom to sit perfectly still while she took long naps. She was still getting over her ear infection so she just wanted to cuddle with mommy and sleep all day.


But that night we went to trunk or treat, to the Baker’s and to Ray and Laura’s. Alex got home a little early and we had sonic for dinner. Then Alex and I got in our costumes (BYU fans) and got Emmy all ready for her first Halloween! Trunk or Treat was at the church and it was really fun. The primary presidency did a shadow show and Emmy loved it! I was worried that Emmy would get sad with all the lights out, but she had her eyes glued to show on stage and didn’t fuss at all! We decorated our trunk with some decorations and spider webs that we bought at Wal-mart. I also had some orange lights that my mom had sent me a few years ago. Alex has a little adapter that plugs in to his car so we used that to turn on the lights and wrap them around the car! I’m pretty sure it was just the lights but we won the Spookiest Trunk award! Alex thought that was funny because I’d been worried about not knowing how to decorate the trunk. I handed out the candy while Alex took Emmy around to the other cars…because he…I mean Emmy…needed lots of candy!


After trunk or treat we took her to Ray and Laura’s so they could see her costume. We dropped off some banana bread and Laura gave us some yummy sugar cookies. Then we went over to the Bakers’ to show them her cute outfit. Kath gave us a caramel apple and Max made sure Alex had plenty of candy (for Emmy of course).

3 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Look at that cute little chili pepper!! Aww!

    Congrats on the Spookiest Trunk Award; did you get a ribbon or a trophy??

    Wish we could have had Emmy trick-or-treat to our house. She and Logan could’ve split the whole bag. 😉

  2. We got a nice little stash of candy and a certificate for the Spookiest Trunk. There were quite a few prizes, so we didn’t win the only one, but ours was pretty cool looking; you can’t quite see the lights in the background.

    If you want, you can just save the Halloween candy and bring it at Christmas. I’m sure Emmy wouldn’t mind some more 🙂

  3. That is one cute baby and one scary trunk. I just love her big toothless smile. I’m so jealous that you guys get to live in Los Alamos. I mean, Provo’s great, but I’m still jealous. Sounds like you’re having a blast.

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