Baby Emmy Goes to Albuquerque

Hi! This is Alex, Emmy’s dad here. Emmy’s been having lots of fun adventures, and she’s all ready to go trick-or-treating to grandparents’ and friends’ houses tonight in her little chili pepper costume. She’s adorable! Little Emmy had a fun trip to Albuquerque with us last week to shop for furniture for our apartment (We’re moving down the street in January). She got to go to all kinds of fun stores where we were able to measure the quality of the store to the reaction of the salespeople to Emmy. The store where they thought she was cutest was the store that got our business! She did great, and even had a fun time staying in a hotel, although it was a bit harder to walk her around in such a small space.

Little Emmy had us a bit worried at the beginning of last week because she stopped being her cheerful self as much as she had been. Even after we walked her around and stopped to look at lights and chandeliers she didn’t cheer up, so after the screaming became too much she and mommy went to the hospital and found out she had an ear infection. Luckily, it was caught quite quickly and so she’s back to her happy self now, but little Emmy has no problem expressing her disgust at driving around Albuquerque. One of us had to sit in the back seat with her to sing to her everywhere we went, so we’re glad the trips around Los Alamos are much shorter!

So Emmy was a little sick, but now she’s all better again and loves her amoxicillin! The doctors think she’s growing great, and she was up to 10 lbs. 3 oz. last Wednesday. Now that she’s all smiles again, we’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures, especially as she has her first Halloween experience tonight as a little red chili pepper.

2 thoughts on “Baby Emmy Goes to Albuquerque

  1. So glad you guys caught that ear infection early on! They can turn nasty. I had to have tubes in my ears when I was an infant. I look forward to the chili pictures!!

  2. 🙁 Emmy didn’t come trick or treat at our house! We had tons of candy as we only had one group ring our doorbell.

    Can’t wait to see her cute, cute costume! And I’m glad Emmy’s ear infection is better. Poor thing!

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