Daily Archives: October 2, 2006

Emmy goes to the eye doctor!

Emmy’s first trip down the hill was not that fun for her. She had an appointment with a pediatric eye doctor. He specializes with premies and babies who had traumatic births. Dr. Nichols sent us down to him to check Emmy’s eyes and make sure her vision had not been damaged.

I already knew that her eyes were doing okay becuase Emmy focuses on things so well. She loves to focus on faces now and responds to what you do with your face. She’ll also follows keys and bright objects back and with her heads. We also play a game where we wiggle our fingers and then tickle her tummy. She will follow my fingers all they way to her tummy and then laugh.

Anyway, Uncle Ray went down with us so that Emmy would have some entertainment while mommy drove. She slept most of the way down but it was still helpful to have Ray back there so he could put her pacifier back in when it fell out! Anyway, Emmy was still asleep when the doctor came in to see her. She wasn’t super happy to be woken up but she did pretty well with having her eyes dilated even. I thought she was going to scream when they put the drops in her eyes but was happy that she didn’t mind much. Little did I know that she was just saving it for later! After her eyes were dilated they had to shine some really bright lights directly in her eyes and they had to hold her head still. SHE HATED THAT! She was screaming and kicking me in the stomach since I was holding the rest of her body still.

When I came back out of the room I asked Ray if he could hear her screaming in the waiting room and all the other people in the room started laughing. They said that that was an angry cry! I guess it was just as loud outside! Anyway, as soon as he was done and I picked her up she was a lot happier. She was so tired from screaming, and her eyes were so sensitive to light, that she fell asleep again and slept the whole way home.

So after a quick stop at the taco bell drive through we went back up the hill and ended our fun Santa Fe adventure!

Emmy smiles!

Emmy is still getting bigger and smarter! One new thing she does is smile! I think I talked about this a little in another blog! But now she is smiling even more! She opens her mouth really wide and makes a little giggle sound! Some of her favorite things to smile about are daddy making faces, any kind of light around the house, and her mobile.


Although she’s been smiling for awhile, we were having a lot of trouble getting any good picture of her smiling. But after several attempts we finally got some great pictures of it. I even took a movie of her kicking and laughing at her mobile. I will load those onto the website soon!

She really likes to follow the yellow duck on her mobile with her eyes! She will watch it for seriously about 30 minutes and kick and talk and laugh. It’s one of her favorite times of the day! Mommy likes it too becuase I get to eat breakfast now! Well, I always got to eat breakfast but it was a lot harder one handed!

Emmy also loves looking at the neat lights in the upstairs bathroom! They are the kind that hang down and have a kind of crystal looking bowl over them. That’s not the best description but what I’m trying to say is they are SHINY. Emmy like’s shiny things! I told Alex that might get kind of pricy when she’s older! Just kidding. Anyway, if she gets kind of fussy we can take her into the bathroom and she will look from light to light and then look at the reflection of the lights in the mirror.

One of her favorites is dancing around with daddy! They listen to music and dance around. Or they do laps through the living room, around the kitchen and dining room, and back to the living room. It’s called the Emmy 500 and she really likes it! She loves spending time with daddy!

Long time no blog

Well, so much has happened that I think I will break it up in to several entries with different titles. This is the entry explaining all the sudden entries. I am really going to have to get better at remembering to write more often! Anyway, happy reading!