Look Ma, No Oxygen tank!

Emmy had her one month check up on Friday! She weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces! We were really excited! She’s been gaining one ounce a day which is right on schedule. She’d also gained an inch! So now she is 20 inches. Everyone at church was saying that now she is the size of a newborn. Which is really true. I just keep thinking how will a normal sized newborn fit inside me next time! Emmy seems so big to me now it’s hard to imagine her being scrunched up inside a 5’2″ woman.

Emmy also got some great news at her appointment and that was that she no longer needs to be on oxygen. Her blood saturation has been better than mine and that doctor’s on a regular basis even! She’s been at 99% most of the time! So this last weekend we took off the oxygen and he sent us home with a small monitor to check her oxygen level while she was asleep. She never dropped below 93! Alex and I would take our own levels after each time we checked hers and it was always about 5% below hers. For those of you that have never seen a monitor like that it’s just a little thing you put on your finger and it shoots a light through and monitors the level of oxygen saturation of your blood. Emmy is so small you just put it on her whole hand.

This weekend was a four day weekend for Alex so he got to spend a lot of time with Emmy. He watched her on the bed while he did his homework so mom could run some errands on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday Alex blessed Emmy at church. She wore the same dress that I was blessed in so that was cute. The blessing went really well but Alex had to be to church early and he accidentally took off with my car keys. So when I went to get in the car I couldn’t and the car seat base was locked in it. So Emmy and I barely got there in time for the blessing! But it all worked out in the end. Alex did a great job and Emmy didn’t even cry during the whole thing. She did have a case of the hiccups but that is a pretty common occurrence. She always had them when I was pregnant with her and she has them just as much now.

After the blessing we had a lunch over at our house. All of the Bakers and Bill Brown came over and ate with us. We had sandwiches, oriental chicken salad, fruit and dip, and cinnamon rolls. Kath also brought a pasta salad and pumpkin pie for dessert. Alex was in heaven with cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie! Then we took a lot of pictures with Emmy in her little blessing dress.

For Labor Day we went and saw Ray and Laura’s new apartment. They had just painted and it looked really cool! Then Emmy and I went on a walk with my mom at the park across from their apartment while Alex helped them move in. Emmy really likes her car seat and stroller. She pretty much falls asleep instantly as soon as you put her in it.

Today Emmy has wanted to be held pretty much all day! She didn’t want to be in her bouncer chair, on the floor, or in her crib! Luckily Grandma Layman and Uncle Christian took turns holding her so that I could eat and do a few things today. Her dad held her most of the night once he got home! Well, that was pretty much the day! The main point is that Emmy is cutest!!

1 thought on “Look Ma, No Oxygen tank!

  1. Wish I could’ve been there for the blessing!! Can’t wait to see pictures.

    I remember thinking the same thing about Logan the very day he was born (8 lb, 6 oz) — “holy moley, how did THAT fit inside ME?” I think I was in denial about how humungous I was. It helps to not look in a full-length mirror during any point of your pregnancy. 😉

    Sounds like Emmy is doing just super. So glad to hear that. Keep it up, Emmy!

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