Emmy misses Grandma Layman, gets a new toy, and is looking cuter than ever!

Well my mom and Christian left yesterday so I’m starting to realize that I’m really a mom now. I know it sounds silly since Emmy is already a month, but yesterday was the first time that I’ve been the only one with her. She had the hospital staff for the first two weeks and then my family has been her since she got out. It was nice being able to take 20 minute showers while Christian played with Emmy or having my mom hold her while I made dinner! But I think Emmy and I are doing okay on our own during the day.

Emmy has been staying up more and more during the day. The nurses at Presbyterian would be so excited to see her up and moving around so much! She likes to lay on the bed and kick and squirm. She’s even turned herself around in her crib. She is still trying to turn over but it’s going to be a long time before she succeeds in that one. It is fun to watch her try though.

Emmy also likes her swing that we set up yesterday. Beth and Nathan (and Logan!) lent us their swing. Emmy even fits in it really well. A lot of her other stuff (i.e. crib, carseat) seem to dwarf her. She loves watching the swing mechanism move back and forth but she falls asleep after about 10 minutes in the seat.

Dr. Nichols told us that since she did so well this weekend without oxygen she doesn’t have to go back on it! So tomorrow I get to call the oxygen guys and they will come pick it up. YEAH! One of the women in the ward was telling me about how her daughter had pneumonia last year and had to be on oxygen too. Only her daughter was like 4 and so she was mobile and hooked up to a tank! Now that would be hard! Hopefully this will be Emeline’s last time on Oxygen.

Well Emmy is asleep right now so I think I’m going to take advantage of that and take a nap! More later!

2 thoughts on “Emmy misses Grandma Layman, gets a new toy, and is looking cuter than ever!

  1. Hey, glad to hear that the swing is working out! Logan napped in there every morning for hours. 🙂

    The first few days of being the only one at home with a new baby is a little frightening (at least for me), but sounds like you’re doing just great!

  2. Emmy is beautiful!. We share your joy. Parenthood is not for wimps! Wait until they are teenagers! Jeff & Julies’ Kiley is off her oxygen today and is up to 6 lbs. She was almost 4 weeks early. She is still in NICU but they get to hold her and feed her. Great blessings have been given out here on earth this past month. Take care of each other and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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