I’m a big kid!

Emeline is three weeks old today and doing great! She had a doctor’s appointment today and she gained 12 ounces since last Friday!! That means she is now 6 lbs. 12 oz. The doctor was very excited and so was Emmy’s mom (me). I had been really worried that she wasn’t going to gain weight. She’s been eating a lot more though.

She is also taking half as much phenobarbital and will be done with it next Thursday. Hopefully that will end the oxygen also! We are really excited for her to come off of her oxygen. Not as excited as Emmy is though. One of her favorite things to do is rip it out of her nose or tear the tape off her cheeks. She is really getting strong!

Another exciting thing that happened today was that Emmy threw her first temper tantrum! She got really mad when Dr. Nichols put her on the scale and weighed her. She cried and screamed for a good five minutes afterward while he did his exam too. She cries a bit at night to wake us up to feed her but this was her first really loud angry cry! She wouldn’t stop until someone picked her up and got her dressed again. I was so proud! I know I shouldn’t be happy when my children cry but I’m glad that she’s working on her lung power!

In addition to being her three week celebration it is also her Uncle Christian’s bday so she will get her first taste of ice-cream cake (reprocessed through mom of course) (-: She is taking a nice long nap so she will have plenty of energy for the festivities ahead and I think I might just do the same!

1 thought on “I’m a big kid!

  1. Hooray for Emmy!! She is packing on the ounces. 😉 Mommy must be doing a good job! I’m so glad she’s giving some good cries, too. She and Logan must be related because he also put up a Royal Stink when he was last weighed at the pediatrician’s office (silly place made me schedule during naptime … hello!)

    And happy happy birthday to Christian! I think I will make a cake to celebrate, too. :mrgreen:

    AND thanks for taking up blogging, Julia, even if it is “nerdy” (wait, I resemble that remark…) 😉 I was worried with Alex starting classes that I wouldn’t get my Emmy Update as often — but there’s been, like, three new posts in the past forty-eight hours! Woohoo! Keep it up. Us inquiring minds wanna hear everything. 🙂

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