Emmy’s week


Emmy’s had an exciting week, which has left us pretty tired. She’s doing a lot better now, though, so she’s got great news! Emmy’s had visits this week from her Grandpa and Grandma Baker, Uncle Ray and Aunt Laura, Aunt Annah, and now her Grandma Layman is there as well.

This week Emmy moved rooms twice (and is now in the room that she’ll go home from- yeah!), was in and out of an isolette to help her regulate her temperature, and has had her oxygen flow reduced by quite a bit. Even after all this, she’s doing great! She’s sleeping much more regularly now and is getting more and more of her feedings from her mommy. In fact, if she keeps it up like this, she’ll probably be home by the end of the week! Keep praying for her, and she’ll do great! So the only thing left is that Emmy can get most (if not all) of her feedings for two days. We love you, Emmy!

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