Emmy is three weeks old!

Wow, my first time posting to my blog! I feel like such a computer nerd. Actually, I just feel like the wife of one!


Well, in a matter of hours Emeline is going to be three weeks old! That was fast! She’s been home for a week now also. She is doing great! Last time the visiting nurse came her oxygen saturation was 100% and she had gained an ounce. She’s now 6 lb. 1oz. and we are hoping that she’ll be 6 lb. 2 oz. at her doctors appt. tommorow. I took her in to see all of the staff at the women’s clinic and the children’s clinic and they were all happy to see how well she is doing. They all can’t believe what a miracle she is! My obstetrician keeps saying “I’m not a very religious person but I know that we weren’t alone with her.” She says that they were just doing the same thing again and again and then suddenly it just worked and Emmy got immediately pink and started breathing. They also got to see Alex, my dad, and the bishop give her a blessing so they thought that was pretty neat.

Anyway, she is only taking half the previous amount of pheobarbital each day (she decreased her dosage today) and she gets to stay off oxygen for part of every day. Hopefully she will be done taking both by next week. She is staying awake a lot more each day and she’s a lot more active! It’s very exciting to see her do all of the things that other babies do. She even wakes up and cries at night when she’s hungry! In the hospital we were worried becuase she had never cried but she’s getting louder each day! It’s still exciting each time she cries at night! I’m sure after a few more months I won’t be as excited about it each time! Well, I better get to sleep so that I can get up later tonight!