Cousin Logan says Hello!

I finally was able to watch a video clip of Emmy’s cousin Logan where he points to his cousin and says “Emmy”. He’s one silly kid! I guess Emmy is a lot easier to say than “Uncle Alex”, but come on…

Logan is Emmy’s only cousin, but he is silly enough for two or three. We’re excited to see him and his parents again (and to see Logan meet Emmy, because you know that is going to be good). We’ll make sure that Emmy sees more pictures of you, Logan! Emmy and Logan will have to wait until Christmastime to meet in person.

In the meantime, Emmy is doing great. Her oxygen levels are still high, and she should be off her oxygen within a week or so, which will make changing her, feeding her, and anything else we do with her a lot easier. She’s been a pretty good baby, and she’s definitely developing her cry a little more!

1 thought on “Cousin Logan says Hello!

  1. Wow; a post about Logan! Well, a little bit. 🙂 He loves seeing pictures of his cousin Emmy. Me, too. So, if you’re not doing anything … (yeah, right). 😉

    I’m glad you keep posting to this blog; it’s a good way to keep updated and it will be a nice little journal for your whole family.

    And don’t be too sad that he doesn’t say “Uncle Alex,” either — I can count on one hand the number of times he’s actually said “Mommy!” 😥

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