Emmy gains weight and Mommy loses some!

Emmy is still doing a lot of growing! We wont know how much weight she’s gained until Friday but she is definitely looking bigger. She even has about 5 outfits that fit her now! Even her newborn onesies were too big for her until a few days ago. She can also sit in her car seat and bouncy chair now without needing packed in with rolled up blankets.

Emmy is also trying to roll over already. She likes to be on her stomach too. She can lift her head up when she lays on her stomach. She’s really getting strong. She stays up for a lot longer each day and loves to play with everyone. Uncle Christian bought her a strawberry shortcake soft basketball so he shakes that for her and her plastic keys. She follows things with her eyes really well! Alex’s friend Bill bought her a mobile and she likes watching it go round and round. She even started crying today when it stopped and I couldn’t turn it back on right away.

I went to curves today with Julia Mason to check it out and sign up. I’m only 3 1/2 weeks postpartum so I was cheating a little bit on the 6 week rule. But I didn’t work out very hard so it should be fine. I was surprised to see how much water weight I’d already lost since Emmy was born but there is definitely plenty of weight to lose. I’m excited to keep losing weight. Only 2 more weeks and I can start really working out. I can even take Emmy with me and let her play (or more likely…sleep) in her car seat while I do the circuit. It will be a good outing for both of us so we don’t get cabin fever.

Alex started his classes at UNM and he’s doing really well so far. He’s been doing a great job keeping on top of his homework. He’s a little tired each morning but it hasn’t been too bad. Emmy is pretty consistent with when she eats during the night but Alex gets to change her diapers before she eats when I’m too tired to get out of bed. Then Alex just brings her to me. Christian showed me a funny episode of Spongebob that showed me what it would be like to take care of a baby and do the housework. (-; Anyway, Alex is doing really well with his schoolwork and his boss is really impressed with how quickly he’s been getting his projects done.

Well that’s pretty much been our week. I’m still getting used to doing my blog so it might be a little hit and miss with how often I write one…but I will get the hang of it!

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