2015 Annual Interviews

It’s October, and that means it’s interview time! The girls have been in school for over a month now, so that should probably mean we’re back into our routines, right?

Here’s Emeline:

And Leah:

Mayzie’s turn!:

And Kaylee! (she’s nursing an injury from gymnastics):

While you’re here, check out these other previous videos:

Home Run Derby Time!

Every year for the Home Run Derby we like to make our picks for the winners so we can decide who we want to cheer for. This year we each picked our two favorites. We’ll update with everyone’s favorites as we get their votes. The derby will be at 6pm tonight!

Robinson Canó (Yankees) Chris Davis (Orioles) Prince Fielder (Tigers) Yoenis Céspedes (A’s) David Wright (Mets) Michael Cuddyer (Rockies) Pedro Álvarez (Pirates) Bryce Harper (Nats)
Alex X X
Annah X X
Bruce X X
Cathie X X
Christian X X
Christina X X
Emmy X  X
Julia  X  X
Kaylee X X
Leah X X
Mayzie X X
Richie  X X
Trevor  X X


Congratulations to Christina! She picked both finalists, which I don’t think anyone has done before. Our runners-up are Annah and Leah, who also picked the champion Cespedes. And congratulations to everyone, because not only did Robinson Cano not get chosen by anyone, he was also last place. Seriously, though, everyone had at least one player in the second round, which was pretty exciting. See Wikipedia for this year’s home run derby results by player.

A Day at Chamberfest

While mommy was shopping for all the food for our church’s girls camp, the girls and I decided to check out the annual Chamberfest here in town. We had a lot of fun at the bounce house (all four girls loved it!), the car show, the sand pile, cotton candy, and especially the bubble pit.

So our preferred mode of transportation is in our Graco double stroller. We parked pretty close, so we didn’t do a ton of walking, but when they all rode together (like they did for most of the car show), Leah and Mayzie ride in their seats like normal, Emmy hangs out in the bottom basket, and Kaylee rides on the handle and faces back toward me. We got quite a few comments and even more looks riding around that way and even got someone from the Daily Post that took a picture of us at one point. One of the questions the photographer was sure to ask was if they were all my kids. :)

The thing I love about Chamberfest is that a lot of it is geared for kids. Businesses from town handed out things like frisbees, light-up yo-yos, silly putty, color-changing cups, sunscreen, water, and more. The girls all loved the bounce house, but the girls’ favorite activity was either the sand pile (just a bunch of sand dumped out in the middle of Central Avenue, which was closed to cars) or the bubble pit, which was also free (and run by some of our friends who also run the bounce house). Anyway, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves from here. Many of the car show pictures were taken by our lovely photographer Kaylee, who likes to get her fingers in most of the shots. :)

Bounce House at Chamberfest
All four girls loved the bounce house


The girls checking out cars
The girls checking out cars
Mercedes, on
Mercedes, on
Emmy and Kaylee's favorite car
Emmy and Kaylee’s favorite car
This guy just got back from the future
This guy just got back from the future
Sandpile in the middle of the street
Sand pile in the middle of the street
Playing in the Sand
Playing in the Sand
Beach Babes
Beach Babes
Bubbles everywhere!
Bubbles everywhere!
Here come the bubbles
Here come the bubbles! Emmy is in the blue shirt.
Check out my new cup!
Check out my new cup!